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From: Mary Beth, Roanoke TX 
On: 1/30/2015 3:10:11 AM

You have been worth your weight in gold... . So thankful.

From: Carla Powers 
On: 2/1/2013 4:46:15 PM

Andrew is doing great. I couldn't be happier…. He's enjoying it. His grades are solid….this has just been a great for us to have him go to xxxxx School. I am grateful to you every day. You stepped in when we were in a tough spot with a school that was a bad fit. Even though we hadn't worked with you before, you worked tirelessly over three days to find a new school.

From: Marie Evnochides, Houston, Texas 
On: 5/16/2011 4:12:30 PM

I will miss you, Deborah, next year. I wish you did college consulting!. I think your are the BEST thing since sliced bread was invented. I feel as though we have become such good friends through out all of this. I hope you will stay in my life for ever.

Marie Evnochides (Founder and Former Head of The Fay School, Hoston, TX)

From: Mike and Renee Perko 
On: 4/18/2011 9:53:40 AM

With the help of Deborah Spagnoletti of Educational Consulting of Houston we were able to receive offers from BOTH of our top two choices in private education in the Houston area. Ms. Spagnoletti helped us to make educated decisions based on facts as well as personal interactions with each of our candidate schools. In the process we learned there are many good schools with stellar reputations, but finding the right school for OUR child became the challenge. With Deborah’s guidance we were able to do just that. We see a bright and shining future ahead for our most precious of commodities, our child.

With the help of Deborah Spagnoletti we were able to make the right choice in private education for our daughter. From learning about and touring each individual school, to the application process, to the day the offer letters came Deborah was there to guide us every step of the way. Additionally, once you’ve made your school selection Deborah continues to monitor your child’s progress to be certain it is truly the right choice. Her caring, attention to detail and through follow up have made our experience one in which we can whole heartedly recommend her expertise in private education.

From: - 
On: 10/9/2008 5:15:32 PM

We first found Deborah's name on The Board School Association website. We were looking for both a boarding school (grades 9-12) for an older child and a junior boarding school (grades 6-9) for a younger child. We felt strongly that our younger child be given the opportunity to have the experience of being "oldest" and being able to take advantage of leadership roles that would not have been available to him as soon in a school with older kids as they would in a junior boarding school.
Also, the junior boarding school provided him with the additional nurturing that a younger boarder needs.
Deborah helped us find the schools that would be suitable for each of our children's interests and personalities.

We found the community on each campus to be such that each child was known not only by his teachers, dorm parents or fellow students, but by the entire community.

In many respects a boarding school is like a small town.
It is very difficult for a member of such a community not to be held accountable for their actions - academically or socially.
Such a community facilitates the formation of what I think will be lasting, long-term friendships with classmates and teachers.

From: Wallis and Lisa, Ardmore,Oklahoma 
On: 10/2/2008 9:38:34 PM

Although we realized that the local public high school system was not in his best interest, nor were there any private schools in close proximity, the thought of letting our 14 year old go far away to high school and out of our grasp was frightening to say the least. When we began our search, it was without professional assistance. Let me tell you, we were drowning in information! We had no idea how to begin finding just the right school for our child. Then along came Deborah Spagnoletti.

Our family has been working with Deborah since 2004. As a result of feeling overwhelmed simply by looking at all the wonderful schools across the country, we realized we needed help. Searching online one day, we came across the words, "Educational Consultant". Ah ha! This sounded promising. We picked several educational consultants to contact, rather in the method of "eeny meeny miney mo". We spoke to each one over the phone and Deborah seemed to be the most personable, as well as professional.

During our initial conversation, Deborah absolutely put our minds at ease. It became a real possibility that our son could get a quality private education and not be thrown to the wolves! In subsequent conversations, Deborah gave us many professional and personal insights into the pros of boarding school experience. She thoroughly explained the application process and timeline. She conducted phone interviews of our son in order to make the best possible recommendations of schools for him. Deborah set up all the interviews for us, gave us suggestions, was available to answer questions, gave encouragement and direction to all of us, as well as gentle nudges, when necessary.

Even though our son is now a senior, Deborah still makes regular contact to find out how he is doing and expresses her continuing interest in his education and his future.

We have, in the past year, gone through the process yet again, with our daughter. Once again, Deborah provided an invaluable service to us. Even though we basically "knew the ropes", she was able to steer us toward schools that best fit our daughter's needs - which were different than our son's. Once again, Deborah really stepped up to the plate and took us through the process. Our daughter is now enrolled in a school that she loves and will provide her with an incredible education.

In summary, Deborah has done a fabulous job of placing our two children into great schools that fit their personalities and abilities. Considering that Deborah has never met either child face to face, she has done a remarkable job determining their personalities, capabilities, likes, dislikes, etc. She has not only provided the service we hired her for, she has gone above and beyond our expectations assisting us in finding our way through the boarding school maze.

We can enthusiastically recommend Deborah Spagnoletti to help you find a school for your son or daughter!

From: Laura Mansur 
On: 9/9/2008 7:40:00 AM

Deborah Spagnoletti has been a valuable asset in helping my daughter find the perfect boarding school for her to attend.

She took time to understand the learning style and personality of my child in order to make a good match with the different schools.

Her knowledge of the schools is enormous.
We are so grateful to have found some one so professional. Thank-you Deborah!

From: Graham, Hoston, Texas 
On: 8/14/2008 12:20:23 PM

We decided, just before school ended for the summer break, that a boarding school might be a good option for our son and approached Deborah to assist us with the process.

Most children are placed with their school long before we started the process, but Deborah reassured us that she would find us the appropriate opening at good schools that would provide the academic and social environments we were looking for.

Deborah was true to her word, worked quickly to find schools, assisted with the rushed admissions process, worked with the schools to make sure they were keen to see our son, and scheduled the onsite interviews.

Everything went very well and our son starts this September, in a fabulous school that we would never have found without Deborah’s knowledge and expertise.

From: Joanie and Bob Hall, Haverford, Pennsylvania 
On: 8/5/2008 2:05:21 PM

We had a wonderful experience working with Deborah Spagnoletti.
I still don't recall how she was brought to our attention given that we live in Philadelphia…but we feel so lucky that we found her!
In comparing notes with families in the area who used other consultants…no one else seem to be as pleased with their experience as we were!

Our daughter was very comfortable having conversations with Deborah and discussing her feelings and observations throughout the process.

Deborah made our job so easy by scheduling school visits, interviews, SSATs and sending in transcripts.
She also did a wonderful job keeping us on task with deadlines and applications. Most important was her inside knowledge and insights into the culture, academics, athletics and other aspects of a variety of schools.

She could not have been more helpful, supportive or intuitive! Our daughter is thriving and we all share in her happiness and success at her school.

We are eternally grateful to Deborah for a wonderful outcome!